Become a National Bonner Partner

The Bonner Partner Program seeks to build relationships between the Bonner Foundation, Bonner Students, Campuses in the Bonner Network, and select service organizations.

Bonner Partners are local, national, and international organizations that engage in a wide range of service: from grassroots organizing to education to public policy and research. 

The Bonner Partner Program develops mutually beneficial relationships between partner organizations and our network. Bonner Partners offer Bonner Students ways to fulfill their scholarship requirement with organizations with established relationships with our network. Service organizations considered as Bonner Partners gain access to not only hundreds of capable volunteers, but also a network of other organizations. 

There are five primary opportunities for Bonner Partners: 

  • Alternative Break Site
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Internship Opportunities (year long or summer)
  • Job Opportunities 
  • Resource Provider 

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