Endowed Campus Centers

The Bonner Foundation has worked in sustained partnerships with more than 65 colleges and universities to build their infrastructure for community and civic engagement. Historically, the Bonner Foundation provided funding for program and center development. Between 1994 and 2009, the Bonner Foundation endowed 26 institutions (with gifts ranging between $500,000 and $4.5 million. Cumulatively, the current market value of these endowments exceed $215 million.

Campuses with Bonner Program Endowments invest and draw on these funds to support the growth and operations of their Bonner Programs and their campus-wide centers. The goal across all campuses in our network is the integration of community engagement into the fabric of the institution as a whole, often evident through the infrastructure that supports it.

Below is a listing (with links) to the established centers with support from the Bonner Program Endowments:

  1. Allegheny College: the Civic Engagement Center within the Allegheny Gateway to Cultures, Communities, and Careers
  2. Berea College: Center for Excellence in Learning through Service
  3. Berry College: the Bonner Center for Community Engagement
  4. Carson-Newman University: Bonner Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
  5. Centre College: Community Service Office
  6. Concord University: The Bonner Center
  7. Davidson College: Center for Civic Engagement
  8. DePauw University: Hartman Center for Civic Engagement
  9. Earlham College: Center for Career and Community Engagement
  10. Emory & Henry College: Appalachian Center for Civic Life and Project Ampersand
  11. Guilford College: Bonner Center for Service and Learning
  12. Mars Hill University: Center for Community Engagement
  13. Maryville College: Center for Community Engagement
  14. Oberlin College: Bonner Center for Service and Learning
  15. Rhodes College: Bonner Center for Faith and Service
  16. Siena College: Center for Academic Community Engagement
  17. Spelman College: Bonner Office of Civic Engagement
  18. Stetson University: Center for Community Engagement
  19. University of Richmond: Bonner Center for Civic Engagement
  20. Waynesburg University: Center for Service Leadership
  21. Wofford College: Center for Community-Based Learning