A Technical Program Manager Who Believes in the Power of Digital Health Care


A Path Defined by Stepping Outside of Comfort Zones and Pursuing a New Age for Health Care

Technology has far advanced in the 21st century. For Eni Aligbe, who works with it everyday, the Internet has created an entirely new area of public health. Digital public health merges the business side with health care initiatives, fueling a healthcare ecosystem that has a broad reach. Eni did not start out with this specific career path in mind, but Bonner provided a future connection which would move Eni into this sector. 

Relationships Are Key

Originally from Nigeria, Eni moved to Texas when she was a baby. From here, she found her way to Oberlin College in Ohio for her undergraduate studies. She earned her Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology and Africana Studies. A year later, Eni would find herself back in Nigeria working on HIV/AIDS health care initiatives. Once this part of her journey was complete,  she moved to Los Angeles, California where she now works for Applied Research Works, Inc. - Cozeva as Technical Program Manager. Looking back, Eni emphasized that it was the connections she made in Bonner that propelled her to the position she has now. 


"The biggest impact Bonner had on me was definitely in terms of civic engagement. The program helped me recognize that everybody’s humanity is really connected. You have to serve other people to serve yourself. I make it a point to stay engaged in my community, whether it is just volunteering at a community garden down the street from me, or doing the type of work I'm in now with health care. I am working for a start up. It is a business, but I always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to help people." 

Bonner and Beyond

It was a fellow Bonner who connected Eni to the job she has now. Coming back from Nigeria where she had been doing health care work, Eni heard about a new 

healthcare company looking to hire. Now, Eni works in this start-up, collaborating with clients to implement their software. Her current position involves working closely with clients, many of whom work in a variety of medical practices. Reflecting on her current position as a result of being a Bonner, Eni recalls that she wishes it had been more clear to her that even while in a program like Bonner, it is possible to find a balance between service work and the corporate world. 

"It would have been great to know I could make money and be in a corporate environment, and still have that philanthropic outlook and work towards that."


That philanthropic outlook combined with Eni's current efforts are leading towards her dream job.

Pursuing the Dream Job

Eni recognizes that this where she is now is not quite her dream job. She knows she wants to stay in the digital health care world. Eni believes there are so many opportunities for this type of work in the age we live in today. She hopes to utilize digital health care to help mend the many health care problems that span the globe. She can envision building technology or digital health care initiative across Africa. This would be Eni's dream job. She is well on her way there. 


To learn more about Eni, check out the company she works for:

  • Applied Research Works, Inc. - Cozeva


Written by Kai Mangino, Bonner Leader at The College of New Jersey ‘19

Read her job profile here.

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