Integration Across the Institution

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Developing and sustaining a Bonner Program can help drive the integration of community engagement across the institution. Because of the four-year Bonner Program model, which generally recruits students during the admissions and enrollment process, the Admissions Office is typically involved. As campuses develop their programs and infrastructure, many find that community engagement becomes a key selling point for the institution – attracting today’s activist and engaged student body.

Additionally, tying the program to service-based scholarships, work-study, and stipends means that both the Financial Aid and the Advancement and Development Offices can be involved. Many schools leverage the Bonner Program model for cultivating donors, grants, and other financial supports. 

Such efforts also intersect with the mission and purpose of many other departments – including Religious Life, Student Success, Diversity & Inclusion offices, and even Marketing. The Foundation provides training and examples on how to work with these and other offices.

Most importantly, the Bonner Program can catalyze change to curriculum and pave the way for the creation of academically connected engagement.

Connection to Student Impact

For students in the Bonner Program, the comprehensive nature of the program creates a holistic experience that integrates their college experience.  The Bonner Staff are the primary catalysts and support during their years in the program.  This begins with their introduction during the recruitment and selection process, continues with the financial aid packaging process, an early first-year orientation, and weekly Bonner meetings and one-on-one advising each semester.  Bonner Program staff support Bonners during their search for summer internships (including resume workshops with the Career Services Office), coach them on choosing a major or minor and in finding courses where the student can link their community engagement interests. Finally, the Bonner Program staff help Bonners identify a community-engaged capstone project, prepare for their Senior Presentations of Learning, and support them in finding a first job or graduate school opportunity.  

Available Resources

The Foundation continues to develop an extensive array of guides, campus examples, and links to other resources that support curricular integration through a variety of strategies.  These areas are discussed at greater length on this website, including: