Integration Across the Institution


The Bonner Program can foster integration of community engagement across the institution – including with admissions, financial aid, student success, and academic departments.


Developing and sustaining a Bonner Program can help drive the integration of community engagement across the institution. Because of the four-year model, which generally recruits students during the admissions and enrollment process, Admissions is typically involved. As campuses develop their programs and infrastructure, many find that community engagement becomes a key selling point for the institution – attracting today’s activist and engaged student body.

Additionally, tying the program to scholarship, stipends, and work study means that Advancement and Development can be involved. Many schools that host the Bonner Program find the association is helpful for cultivating donors, grants, and other financial supports. 

Such efforts also intersect with the mission and purpose of many other departments – including Religious Life, Student Success, Diversity & Inclusion offices, and even Marketing. The Foundation provides training and examples on how to work with these and other offices [link to slideshare if you want.] 

Most importantly, the Bonner Program can catalyze change to curriculum and pave the way for the creation of academically connected engagement. The Foundation helps campuses focus on curricular integration through a variety of strategies including [these can all go to other links/pages]:

  • Community-based research
  • Policy research
  • Social action courses
  • Levering proven high-impact practices
  • Minors, Certificates, and Concentrations
  • Pathways that Culminate in Community Engaged Signature Work
  • Staff and faculty development