A Residential Counselor Who Combines a Love of Dentistry and Education to Impact the World 

Striving for that Dream Job through Life-Long Learning

Part of being a Bonner is expanding yourself into a variety of experiences. Lauren Kinser has explored many sectors of life, but her passions are focused on public health, education, and dentistry. Through intentionality, Lauren has managed to combine these interests into something that is building into her ultimate dream job. Her journey is still at times unclear, but Lauren's commitment to Bonner and being true to herself have led her to where she is now, following her dreams. 

Serendipitous Beginnings

Lauren grew up in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and stayed near home until she went off to college. She attended Lindsey Wilson College, double majoring in Psychophysiology and Communications. Lauren recounted that Bonner was the start to her incredible journey. It created a space where she could explore any and all passions she had. 


"One advisor told me in college: 'you need to quit being a Bonner, all that matters is getting into dental school.' I knew in my heart there was more to life than just that. I knew I was not ready to be okay with that being all there was. I was not ready to commit to that being the only thing out there. Bonner was the way for me to see everything the world had to offer. Bonner was the first time I had a structured, safe way to fail while trying new things." 

Bonner and Beyond

Lauren accepted a Graduate Assistant position, and worked at a non-profit for a year after finishing college at Lindsey Wilson. She then went to get her Master's in Dental Public Health from A.T. Still University of Health Sciences.  All of her experiences were leading to her current position as a Residential Counselor for the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of  Mathematics and Science. In her current role, Lauren is able to foster her love of education while simultaneously pursuing her doctorate in Health Professions Education. Lauren has had very diverse experiences in her life which have taught her a variety of important lessons. She reflected that, as Bonners, while we sometimes may feel like we have to solve every problem we see, the "best thing to do for people is to empower them to solve it themselves."

Pursuing the Dream Job

Lauren knows some amazing things are in store for the future. She wants to go to dental school after she completes a doctorate in health professions education and to pursue academic dentistry. Lauren envisions herself as the future dean of a dental school, which would allow her to shape public and educational policy. Ultimately, Lauren wants to set up meaningful service projects to help the community through health awareness. Being able to educate students and practice dentistry at the same time is a life long passion. In her spare time, Lauren would like to have an international non-profit focused on bringing continuing education (CE) knowledge to other countries. She is well on her way to accomplishing all of her goals.  


To learn more about Lauren, check out these fun facts:

  • Last fall, she completed 8,760 hours of service (one full year 365 days 24 hours a day) spread over the last 6 years.
  • She's getting married at Disney world in October. 


Written by Kai Mangino, Bonner Leader at The College of New Jersey ‘19


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