Resource Sharing

The following groups offer a variety of resources and other opportunities that may benefit your campus, your program, or individual students:

  • Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH)

  • Center for FaithJustice (CFJ)

  • Center for Faith and Service

  • Collaboratory

  • Confi

  • Congressional Hunger Center

  • GivePulse

  • IMPACT Conference

  • Interfaith Youth Core (IYFC)

  • National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE)

  • Sustained Dialogue Institute

  • US Human Rights Network

  • YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly


Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) is the voice of accredited academic public health, representing schools and programs accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of members by advancing leadership, excellence, and collaboration for academic public health. Our members are CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health as well as schools and programs in applicant status for CEPH-accreditation. The ASPPH provides many resources for those interested in pursuing public health graduate studies, including: connection to SOPHAS, the centralized application service, for graduate schools and programs of public health; a series of in-person and virtual fairs allowing students to interact with admissions representatives; online book clubs/Twitter chats to learn more about public health without pursuing a graduate degree; and information about fellowships and scholarships for funding public health education. 

The Center for FaithJustice (CFJ) inspires the next generation of leaders by creating programs to serve those in need and educate for justice in the Catholic tradition. We join the words “Faith” and “Justice” into a single term to reflect our conviction that faith and justice are intimately bound together. Through our WorX programs, we hope that people of goodwill grow in understanding of the spiritual life and deepen their commitment to pursuing social, economic, and political justice for all people. The CFJ is pleased to offer two distinct retreat spaces in New Jersey to meet the diverse needs of your group for both self-directed and facilitated experiences. The CFJ also provides unique expertise in many areas including authentic service immersion, servant leadership, and youth and young adult faith formation rooted in social justice. 

Based out of McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, the Center for Faith and Service works to develop new programs and identify existing resources that support the church to be present and relevant in the lives of young adults. Through a variety of initiatives, the Center partners with seminaries, summer camps, colleges, youth corps, denominations and local congregations to create programs and resources that help young people connect their passions for service and justice with their faith.

Collaboratory® enables higher education institutions to track, analyze, share, and strengthen their community engagement and public service, and to integrate cross-institution, longitudinal data into strategy. Robust reports provide details of activities, collaborators, issue areas addressed, outcomes and outputs, while a public, searchable website informs community members about institutional efforts. Designed for higher education by higher education, Collaboratory supports institutions and the field in furthering their understanding of the practice and scholarship of community engagement. As a certified B-Corp since 2012, we meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

Confi is a digital health startup that uses crowdsourcing innovations to create customized sexual assault and health interventions for college-age populations that are expert-approved, relevant, and student-centered. Confi’s mission is to empower people to be confident in themselves, their bodies, and their relationships by providing the most credible health information in an accessible and non-judgmental way. Team Confi consists of researchers, students, and other technology innovators who work with university administrators and prevention experts to develop scalable, student-centered sexual health and sexual assault prevention programming for college students in the United States. Founded in 2015, Confi has conducted a national study on sexual expectations in college-age populations and has developed an online curriculum and content for sex positive sexual health aconfind assault prevention, while working with students from prestigious institutions across the country (i.e. Harvard, Johns Hopkins,  Tufts, MIT).

The Congressional Hunger Center works to make issues of domestic and international hunger a priority to policymakers in the U.S. government, and to raise a new generation of leaders to fight against hunger and poverty.

Through the Zero Hunger Initiative, Bonners will be able to deepen their learning around issues of food security, hunger and poverty and be exposed to ways they can become more effective advocates for promoting policies that address food security and reduce hunger in their campus communities.

The Congressional Hunger Center also operates a summer internship program and two post-graduate fellowship programs (the Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program and the Leland International Hunger Fellows Program).

GivePulse enables everyone to list, find, coordinate, and measure their impact in the community. Our mission is to enable everyone in the world to participate and engage in lifting their community to new heights. We do so by providing a platform to list, find, organize and measure the impact of service and volunteerism in the community. It starts with one volunteer to build an army that will help improve the world.

The IMPACT Conference is historically the largest national gathering of student leaders, administrators, faculty, and nonprofit staff committed to engaging students in service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work. This event continues and builds on the legacy of the COOL National Conference and the Idealist Campus Conference, spanning an incredible 34-year history. IMPACT is the one time during the year when students, administrators, faculty, AmeriCorps members and VISTAs, and nonprofit professionals gather together to learn and share effective practices, improve personal skills and organizational  strategies, discover opportunities and resources, exchange stories, be inspired and challenged to sustain our efforts.

Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) is a national non-profit organization working towards an America where people of different faiths, worldviews, and traditions can bridge differences and find common values to build a shared life together. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, IFYC works specifically within U.S. Higher Education to build a society where interfaith cooperation is the norm. Resources include the annual Interfaith Leadership Institute, Campus Innovation Grants, the Campus Interfaith Inventory, and IFYC’s Regional Interfaith Leadership Gatherings.

The National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE) is an institutional assessment for measuring how well participating colleges and universities fulfill their missions as they relate to service and community engagement. NASCE comprehensively measures the rate, frequency, and depth of student service and community engagement across 9 areas of human need, and assesses student perceptions of and obstacles to service, as well as institutional structures that impact service participation.

The Sustained Dialogue Institute helps people to transform conflictual relationships and design change processes around the world. We define dialogue as “listening deeply enough to be changed by what you learn.” Sustained Dialogue differs from other changemaking processes through its focus on understanding the nature of community relationships, which are often the “problem behind the problem”. Individuals carry culture and stories that ultimately shape national behavior or institutional culture. SD reaches beyond formal institutions to include “whole bodies politic”—everyday community members as well as formal leaders. Sustained Dialogue works with over 40 campuses around the world to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills to build inclusive communities.

The US Human Rights Network is a national network of organizations and individuals working to strengthen a human rights movement and culture within the United States led by the people most directly impacted by human rights violations. We work to  secure dignity and justice for all. USHRN serves as a facilitator and a catalyst to build and expand the base of the domestic human rights movement, supporting the growth of an active, multi-sector movement – one that utilizes the human rights frame to identify the root causes of violations and to call on government to address the realities on the ground. Currently USHRN is made up of more than 300 member and partner organizations working on multiple human rights issues.

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly has a century-long tradition of impacting lives, serving youth and shaping tomorrow's leaders. Year after year, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly provides positive, life-changing experiences and quality programs and services through a well-trained, empowered staff. From arrival to departure, we strive to have a lasting impact upon those we serve. We embrace Christian hospitality and welcome all people from all places. We strive to fulfill the YMCA mission with our daily work, holding true to the values of caring, honesty, responsibility, and respect. We can accommodate day, overnight, and multi-day stays and provide the ideal venue for groups of all sizes.