2017 Summer Leadership Institute
May 23-26
Lindsey Wilson College

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Participant Information

2017 Summer Leadership Institute (SLI)

The 2017 Bonner Summer Leadership Institute will provide participants with learning, networking, and professional and personal development opportunities to enable them to strengthen the quality and work of campus-based service efforts.  As always, programming will also focus on themes such as deepening community partnerships, supporting students to develop and engage fully, and building vibrant, sustained infrastructure for campus-community engagement.

About Lindsey Wilson College

Lindsey Wilson College (LWC) is located in the rural but scenic Columbia, Kentucky. The school’s motto, “Every Student, Every Day”, demonstrates the warm and enlightening environment that Lindsey provides for all its students. Over its 104 years of history, LWC has evolved from a training school to a two-year junior college and finally to the four-year liberal arts institution that stands today. Over the years Lindsey Wilson has formed strong bonds with the local community hosting several annual events and recently starting a Campus Kitchen to help satisfy needs in the community. As LWC continues to grow, the college seeks to continue its message and maintain its positive impact on the surrounding area.