Strategic Initiatives

Program Development • Staff Development • Assessment & Tracking • Alumni Network

Bonner Program Development

Our current strategic priority for the Bonner Program development is to strengthen the third and fourth year experience for students and community partners.  Many Bonners transition in their upper class years from their direct service and service leadership roles to launch community-engaged capacity-building projects and social action campaigns in collaboration with their longstanding community partners.  

This transition can be framed using the three citizenship models described in What Kind of Citizen? The Politics of Educating for Democracy by Joel Westheimer and Joseph Kahne (American Educational Research Journal; Summer 2004). The chart (see right) shows how the third and fourth year of the Bonner developmental progression differ from the first and second.

As is true with all our work, the set of initiatives we are working on to strengthen the third and fourth year (see below) all intentionally integrate the goals and strategies we have for student, community, and campus impact.

This graphic shows the strategic priorities related to strengthening the 3rd and 4th year of the Bonner Program. These links can be found in the Impact section of this website. Click to enlarge image.

The following links will take you more detailed descriptions for each initiative:

Community Engagement


Staff Development

We are in the early stages in developing the Bonner Pipeline Project, an initiative to help recruit and support Bonner Program and community engagement staff.  The project will target four phases of professional development, beginning with the Bonner Senior Intern role, then to the recent graduate role in a campus-wide center or Bonner Program, and include the mid-level center staff position and the role of campus-wide center director. 

This effort will leverage the annual Bonner Network meetings for face-to-face training and networking while also taking advantage of webinars and other means of building the skills, knowledge, and leadership experiences of civic and community engagement staff.


Assessment and Tracking

We are in the midst of piloting an significant update to our longitudinal Bonner Student Impact Survey.  In this process, we have defined a draft set of Bonner Learning Outcomes

We are also in the process of overhauling the Bonner Web-Based Reporting System to improve the tracking, reporting, and access to valuable information generated by Bonner students and staff and community partners. 


Bonner Alumni Network


We are preparing to formally launch the Bonner Alumni Network, which we hope to do in Fall 2018.  The network will feature a Bonner Alumni Directory searchable by Bonner students, alumni, and staff.  We also hope to develop a Bonner Alumni Mentoring Project to more effectively tap into the professional experiences and networks of our nearly 15,000 alumni.