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The NJ Bonner AmeriCorps program is committed to providing Members with a positive service experience designed to not only produce the desired community impact, but also provide them with marketable job skills and instill a life-long service ethic. NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Members will be trained to implement effective evidence based practices related to youth education, job training and food security at their service site. They will also undergo high-quality training to gain and refine the skills necessary to meet their service and professional development objectives.


To serve in the NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Program, an individual must: 

  • Be a US Citizen, National or Legal Permanent Resident;

  • Successfully complete a three-part criminal history check which includes the National Sex Offender Public Website, a check of the designated state repository in New Jersey and in the state the Member resides at the time of application through Truescreen and a FBI Fingerprint Check through Fieldprint.

  • Possess a high school diploma or GED or be actively working towards a diploma or GED; and

  • Be at least 17 years of age

Application: Complete an online application at my.americorps.gov. All positions are tagged with NJ Bonner.

Currently Available positions

Available Positions: 

  1. NJ Bonner: TCNJ Adult Education and Job Readiness Assistant (FT)

  2. NJ Bonner: TCNJ Food Security Assistant (FT)

  3. NJ Bonner: TCNJ Literacy and Mentoring Program Assistant (FT)

  4. NJ Bonner: Rutgers Food Security Team Leader (FT)

  5. NJ Bonner: Rutgers ESL Team Leader (HT)

  6. NJ Bonner: Rutgers College Access Coordinator (FT)

  7. NJ Bonner: Arm in Arm Hunger Prevention Coordinator (FT)

  8. NJ Bonner: HomeWorks Trenton Program Assistant (FT)

  9. NJ Bonner: JFCS Hunger Prevention Coordinator (HT)

  10. NJ Bonner AmeriCorps: MSF Community School Youth Assistant (HT)

  11. NJ Bonner: Elijah's Promise Agriculture Manager (FT)

  12. NJ Bonner: Elijah's Promise Cooking Class Coordinator (HT)

  13. NJ Bonner: Elijah's Promise Food Systems Coordinator (HT)

  14. NJ Bonner: Elijah's Promise Nutrition Coordinator (HT)

  15. NJ Bonner: Elijah's Promise Social Services Coordinator (HT)

  16. NJ Bonner: Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen Coordinator (HT)

  17. NJ Bonner: EP Sustainability & Community Agriculture (HT)

  18. NJ Bonner: EP Vocational Counselor & Job Developer (FT)

  19. NJ Bonner: TASK Job Training Assistant (HT)

  20. NJ Bonner: TASK Food Security Case Management Position (HT)