Bonner Foundation Staff

Board of Trustees

Mr. Kenneth Kunzman, Chair Partner, Connell Foley (Roseland, NJ)

Mr. William Bush, BDT & Company (Chicago, IL)

Mr. Charles C. Goodfellow, former Bank of New York Investment Officer (Cranford, NJ)

Rev. Dr. John Kuykendall, former President of Davidson College (Davidson, NC)

Dr. Beth Paul, President, Capital University (Columbus, OH)



  Robert Hackett , President

Robert Hackett, President

Robert (Bobby) Hackett joined the Bonner Foundation in 1992 as Vice President and Director of the Bonner Scholars Program and assumed the role of President in July, 2010. 

Prior to joining the Bonner Foundation, Bobby worked at the Telesis Corporation, an affordable housing developer in Washington, D.C. He also served as managing director of the Campus Outreach Opportunity League (COOL) during its first three years of operation. In addition, for the past twenty years, Bobby has been associated in various capacities with the Youth Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based non-partisan organization that researches and reports on policies and programs relating to young people.

Bobby received his bachelors degree from Harvard University in 1985 and a masters in public and private management from Yale University's School of Organization and Management in 1990.

  Ariane Hoy ,   Vice President

Ariane Hoy, Vice President

Ariane joined the Foundation in 2004. As Vice President, Ariane leads strategic initiatives to promote program quality and deeper, more pervasive campus-wide engagement. These include efforts to integrate capstones and Community-Engaged Signature Work into the Bonner Program and across departments. For more than a decade, Ariane led national meeting planning, including for Bonner Congress, Fall Directors, and Bonner Congress.Ariane serves on the national advisory boards for AAC&U's Diversity and Democracy and VALUE Initiative, and the Center for Engaged Democracy. She is co-editor of Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education: Forging New Pathways and co-author of Civic Engagement at the Center: Building Democracy through Integrated Cocurricular and Curricular Experiences. 

Fueled by early and college experiences, Ariane pursued a career in civic engagement. During college, she mentored students and worked with schools and families in East Palo Alto (working developmentally over four years as Bonners do). She researched economics and policy issues, creating a credit-bearing CBR course co-taught by community leaders and students. She was exposed to theories and practices of experiential learning and civic engagement by mentors. A John Gardner Fellowship in East Palo Alto's public schools cemented an interest in diversity, inclusion, and access. She spent five years at City Year, helping to expand the national organization that engages diverse 17 to 25 year-olds in full-time service in cities across the USA. As Jumpstart’s Vice President for Program, she oversaw the creation of an outcome-based national program model for low-income preschoolers. At the Echoing Green Foundation, she helped shape its fellowship for social entrepreneurs. As Executive Director of Campus Outreach Opportunity League (COOL), she nurtured a platform for student leadership of campus civic engagement. She earned a bachelor's in Political Science at Stanford, a master’s in higher education from Drexel University, and a doctorate in higher education leadership at the University of Pennsylvania. Both her thesis and dissertation focused on change in higher education.

  Liz Brandt , Community Engagement Director

Liz Brandt, Community Engagement Director

Liz Brandt joined the Bonner Foundation staff in August 2018 as the Community Engagement Director. In this role she designs and manages Foundation initiatives for supporting Bonner Program member campuses and campus-wide community and civic engagement in program, staff, faculty, and student development. She supports planning of national meetings, resource and curriculum development, campus visits, and identifying and developing best practices and models.

Liz is originally from rural central Kentucky. She graduated in 2015 as a Bonner Scholar from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky with a Bachelors in Anthropology and Sociology. As a Bonner Scholar, Liz served as the Senior Intern and a Bonner Congress Representative. Also at Centre, Liz had transformative experiences studying abroad in Ghana, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Guatemala. After graduating, Liz worked as a Campus Organizer for the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, a non-profit that trains college students in grassroots organizing tactics to tackle issues such as hunger and homelessness, renewable energy, and student debt. 

After serving in that role, Liz returned to her alma mater of Centre College to serve for two years as the Coordinator of the Bonner Program and Community Service. In this role, Liz managed Centre’s sixty student Bonner Program, including facilitating trainings and education, developing and empowering student leaders, restructuring the Program into an Issue-Based Group model, and cultivating and maintaining community partnerships. She also focused on curricular-co-curricular integration, such as helping to develop a Social Justice Minor at Centre and serving on the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty Internship (SHECP) committee, which provides students an opportunity to engage with social justice through academic coursework and a related summer internship. Liz is excited to bring her background, experiences, and passion for civic and community engagement, service learning, and social justice in higher education to her new role as the Community Engagement Director at the Bonner Foundation. 

  Kristi Cordier , New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program Manager

Kristi Cordier, New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program Manager

Kristi Cordier joined The Bonner Foundation in May 2014. In her role as the Program Manager, Kristi oversees the New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program, the New Jersey Bonner Leader Program, and the New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows Program.  Prior to joining the Bonner Foundation staff, Kristi worked at her alma mater, The University of Scranton in Alumni Relations where she developed innovative student-alumni engagement programming. Kristi also served as the VISTA Leader for the New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows Program in 2011 and a VISTA member for Retired Seniors Volunteer Program where she worked on building a mentoring program for children of incarcerated parents in 2010. A native of New Jersey, Kristi received her bachelor's degree in History from The University of Scranton in 2009.

  Jasmine Rangel , New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program Program Associate

Jasmine Rangel, New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program Program Associate

Jasmine Rangel joined the Bonner Foundation staff in August 2017 and serves as the New Jersey Bonner Program Associate. Jasmine Rangel recently graduated as a Bonner Scholar from Berry College in Rome, GA with a Bachelors degree in Political Science. During her time as a Bonner Scholar, Jasmine focused her service on a myriad of issue-areas: from early childhood to middle-grades education at the YMCA After School Care Program, the Open Door Children’s Home and the South Rome Early Learning Center, to advocating for women’s issues at the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia. She also interned for several months with her hometown’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore as a Social media specialist. Jasmine was also deeply integrated into the Bonner Leadership Team at Berry College as a Bonner Congress Representative, and leading three Issue-Based teams on the Foster care system, Third Culture Kids, and College Access. Jasmine took on the role of Senior Intern during her final year at Berry College as the Bonner Leadership Team Facilitator and head of Issue-Based Teams. During this time, she was able to focus intently on student leadership development techniques for creating a more effective team as well as a more sustainable and engaging Issue-Based team model. Upon graduation, Jasmine was a summer intern at the Bonner Foundation where she worked on developing a Social Media and Marketing strategy for the national network, as well as, creating two trainings on political discourse through the Dialogue Across Diversity and Inclusion model.

  Arthur Tartee , Alumni Network Manager

Arthur Tartee, Alumni Network Manager

Arthur joined the Bonner Foundation in August 2018 and serves as the Alumni Network  Manager. Arthur is a Bonner Scholar alum from the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Studies and International Studies: World Politics and Diplomacy. Arthur studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, where he combined both majors to examined the evolving role of multilateral diplomacy and leaders responses to security challenges in a chaotic, global world.

Arthur Tartee first became involved with the Bonner Network in high school and ever since then, he has loved the invaluable friendships and experiences Bonner has brought into his life. He interned with the Bonner Foundation in the summer of 2015. Then, Arthur supported the 25th anniversary national meeting and developed capacity-based trainings modules for fundraising and events planning on campus. 

At Richmond, Arthur sought to foster local relationships as a Bonner Scholar: from tutoring and mentoring underprivileged students with the Higher Achievement Richmond Program to being a middleman for the Richmond’s Young Adult Police Commission (YAPC) a youth advisory board that promotes relationship between the Richmond Police Department and the youth in the City of Richmond. Arthur fascination with relationships, led him to take multiple community-based learning courses about the City of Richmond. One of his favorite, Archiving Richmond, allowed him to explored the impact of gentrification. Arthur worked with youths in the Church Hill Community of Richmond to conduct community interviews and do archival research. He organized the first ever community dialogue about the changes in the neighborhood. He is eager to collaborate with partner campuses, current students and alumni in efforts to engage and strengthen the beloved Bonner community. Arthur favorite activity is dining out and conversing with Bonners about life!

  Caroline Black,  Bonner Partner Initiative Manager

Caroline Black, Bonner Partner Initiative Manager

Caroline Black is the part-time Bonner Partner Initiative Manager responsible for coordinating with the Foundation's national partners. She first joined the Bonner network in 2012 to support the National Bonner AmeriCorps Program, and returned to the Foundation in 2014 after serving in the New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps program in 2013 as the Urban Education Coordinator for Rider University's Bonner Leader program. Caroline is a third-year student in the dual master’s degree program at Widener University’s Center for Social Work Education and Center for Human Sexuality Studies. Her professional work and goals focus on leading mental health and sexual wellness programs in higher education. She completed her first-year clinical social work internship with Princeton University's SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education) and HPPS (Health Promotion and Prevention Services) programs. She is currently interning with Rutgers University's Counseling, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) as a second-year clinical social work student. She loves working with college students and is excited to help connect Bonners with opportunities for service beyond their campus communities.

Former Staff

  Wayne Meisel ,  Founding President  of the Bonner Foundation and currently Executive Director of  The Center for Faith & Service

Wayne Meisel, Founding President of the Bonner Foundation and currently Executive Director of The Center for Faith & Service

Wayne Meisel was hired in 1989 by Mr. Bonner as the founding president of the Bonner Foundation, which he led for the first next 21 years.  In his first two years he launched the two programs that continue to define the Bonner Foundation.  The Crisis Ministry Program which funds anti-hunger efforts and the Bonner Program which is the largest privately-funded, service-based scholarship program in the country with 3,000 students serving annually at 65+ colleges and universities.

Meisel has been a longtime advocate of service, service learning, and community engagement. Click here for a profile that traces his career from college up to the present.

summer Bonner interns

Each summer, the Foundation welcomes 3-5 undergraduates or recent graduates to work in national leadership roles. These professionals bring their Bonner Program experience and share it by developing new resources and strategies for the national network. This past summer, Bonner Summer Interns helped in launching the Bonner Alumni Network and in creating new resources for students to pursue capacity-building and Community-Engaged Signature Capstones.