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If your campus is interested in engaging in intensive and meaningful service with your student and community, we encourage you to consider developing a Bonner Program on your campus.

Since the Bonner Foundation’s original partnership with six start-up schools in 1998, the Bonner Foundation has partnered with 41 additional schools in the implementation of Bonner Leaders Programs. Together, these schools have taught us that “replication is not duplication.” Though we have identified a core model for Bonner Leader schools, each school we partner with brings new ideas and adaptations to the program, which we then share with other schools.

Short presentation on seven reasons why you should start a Bonner Program (and join the national Bonner Network).

Schools interested in the Bonner Leaders Program often ask us what they should do first when considering the creation of a service-based scholarship program on their campuses. In response, we have developed a start-up guide for prospective Bonner Leader Programs that schools can think about as they begin this process. We also host an orientation for new and prospective Bonner Program staff in Princeton each summer.

We recommend that campus representatives interested in the Bonner Program discuss the program with other members of the campus community. Specifically, we have found that presidential support is a very important element when creating a successful campus-based program. 

Read these two anniversary celebration annual reports from the College of Charleston and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which tell the story of their Bonner Program start-up years.

The Bonner Foundation is committed to expanding our replication initiative through the creation of service-based scholarship programs across the country. We are eager to engage in conversations with institutions that are dedicated to offering this type of opportunity to their students. If you're campus is interested, please complete the Request for Follow Up below. If you have any direct question, please reach out to Robert Hackett at 609-924-6663 or at the Bonner Foundation.

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