In just the past 6 years, NJ Bonner AmeriCorps members have served over 7,000 individuals in the areas of youth education, economic opportunity, and food security, implementing best practice interventions in these issue-areas. In the past 10 years, AmeriCorps Members have been able to recruit and manage over 24,000 individuals of all ages and backgrounds, allowing for their impact to spread farther. 



AmeriCorps Members serving under the issue-area of youth education implement best practice intervention tactics to increase academic performance in participants of youth literacy programs, or increasing academic engagement or attitudes towards education for students in college access programs. 

From 2012, over 2,400 students have participated in a CNCS-supported program, with 367 students improving their academic performance in literacy and 258 students showcasing an improvement with improving their academic engagement. 

Economic Opportunity

NJ Bonner AmeriCorps members serving with partnering agencies in economic opportunity programs such as GED/High School Equivalency Diploma Preparation Courses, ESL education courses, and other unique job-skill training have been preparing individuals in the community seek lasting, sustainable employment. 

More than 3,00 individuals, since 2012, have received GED, ESL and/or job training with 143 individuals receiving their GED and 318 individuals being placed in jobs. The Conversation Tree alone has been able to serve over 500 individuals in ESL education, as evident from performance measurement data collected. 

Food Security


NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Members help improve the food insecurity of community members in Trenton and New Brunswick by assisting organizations provide emergency food distribution from food pantries or soup kitchens to alleviate short-term hunger. Members also assist with SNAP applications, other social service program referrals or educational courses with the intention of improving long-term food security. Over 2015-2017, over 1,700 individuals were served by NJ Bonner AmeriCorps members approximately 150 of them reporting an increase in their household food security.