Berea Student Launches "Cans for a Cause"

Never accuse Aaron Hannah of not being ambitious and failing to set high goals for himself.

Later this month, Hannah, a 19-year-old 2012 graduate of Raceland-Worthington High School, will launch what is essentially a one-man food drive. His goal: to collect at least 10,000 pounds of canned food for River Cities Harvest to distribute to local nonprofits and churches that help feed the hungry.

Hannah, who just completed his freshman year as a Bonner Scholar at Berea College, said scholars are encouraged, but not required, to do community projects designed to help the needy.

Hannah, who lives in Raceland and is spending the summer volunteering at the Shelter of Hope in Ashland, decided to launch a project he dubbed “Cans for a Cause.”

“I never knew how many people in this area were in need of such things like food that the average person takes for granted and never thinks about living without,” he said.

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