Carson Newman Bonner's Puppet Show Communicates Important Message to Children

A puppet show staged by Kiersval Productions at Jefferson City’s Public Library Tuesday provided kids with a real Summertime Reading Program hit.

About 25 children sat mesmerized as Kieran Braun and his fellow puppeteers combined pure fun and entertainment in a production that presented an insightful message about bullying. The two-part play entitled “Make A Plan” and “Different Does Not Mean Less,” combined several diverse characters to illustrate important messages about bullying and its unwholesome effects.

Kieran has a lifelong love of puppets and puppeteering. He chose to entertain children with his Puppet Project as part of his Senior Capstone Service Project related to being a Carson-Newman Bonner Scholar. He has made his puppet shows part of a larger message to help children to be kind to one another, and to care for the environment and the animals who inhabit that environment. The puppet characters are Kieran’s own creations, and the positive messages come from his heart.

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