Apply to be a Bonner Foundation Summer Intern

The Bonner Foundation is excited to announce the summer internship opportunities for up to four students this summer. Each Bonner student selected will focus on resource development and program initiatives. Bonner Summer Interns will foster a network collaboration through building resources. Over the course of the summer, interns will be immersed in best practices of event management, support in the planning and implementation of these meetings, and design trainings and online resources to strengthen the Bonner Network.

This nine-week internship placement is located in Princeton, New Jersey at The Bonner Foundation and has tentative dates of May 31 until August 4. Selected Interns will be required to attend the Bonner Summer Leadership Institute, May 23-26 at Lindsey Wilson College. This is a paid internship opportunity that includes a $4,250 stipend package ($1,850 for housing and $2400 for summer earnings) that will be provided by the Foundation.* 

Qualifications: strong organizational skills, attention to detail, communication skills - verbally and in writing (email), along with interest/experience with community building and event management, designing workshops and programming, and graphic layout work and materials production.

Please submit the following materials to apply for a 2017 Bonner Summer Internship:

Resume: Please be certain to include your relevant experience, email address, and phone number. 

Cover Letter: First tell us more about who you are and the highlights of your Bonner experience. Then, reflect on this specific position and its qualifications. Share your relevant experiences, qualifications, and how you expect interning at the Bonner Foundation will contribute to your professional goals.

Short Essay Questions: 

  1. Share with us a student led service initiative from your Bonner Program that builds a culture of service on your campus that you believe could be shared as a best practice throughout the Bonner Network.
  2. Describe an experience at a National Bonner Meeting (or within your campus program) that changed your perspective. How can this experience be replicated? 

Please combine all materials into one PDF document for your submission that is no longer than four pages.

Send your completed application to by March 10th

*if an intern is enrolled in a Bonner Scholar Program, the Foundation will cover the remaining stipend cost after the use of summer funding.