New Graduate School Partnership with AU's School of International Service

The School of International Service (SIS) is a top ten school of international affairs, founded with a mission of waging peace and improving the human condition over 60 years ago. Current students report that the number one reason they chose SIS for their graduate study is our ethos of service.  Students come to SIS to prepare themselves for careers that matter—whether by influencing environmental policy; developing creative approaches to alleviate poverty; analyzing foreign policy; interrupting cycles of conflict; or advocating for human rights protections, among other ways of making a positive impact on today’s pressing global issues. Students from the Bonner Program will find a strong community of colleagues who share their service mindset at SIS.

SIS is committed to leveraging its position as one of the largest schools of international affairs in the country to ensure that all voices are at the table when it comes to preparing a next generation of leaders in the field of international affairs that better represents the diversity of our country. SIS welcomes students from all backgrounds and with a variety of experiences because we know that a diverse school and a diverse professional field will be better able to identify creative solutions to the most challenging issues of our time.

The Bonner/SIS Partnership encourages current or former Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leaders interested in pursuing graduate education in international affairs to apply to any one of our 15 Master’s Degree programs. SIS offers an application fee waiver for all Bonner Program students. SIS will also award a $10,000 scholarship to up to five Bonner Scholars/Bonner Leaders who are accepted into eligible SIS residential Master’s programs.

Learn more about SIS here. Questions about the Bonner/SIS partnership can be directed to