There are around 15,000 alumni of the Bonner Program to-date. Each year, hundreds more leave a legacy of service through their impact across the country and abroad. When Bonners enter the workforce they bring their values with them. The mission of Bonner has no expiration date and no restriction by work sector. Each alumni has a unique story and insight into life after graduation from a Bonner Program.

Click on the pictures below to read the alumni profiles based on interviews conducted with the Bonners listed below. Profiles are listed by earliest to latest class year, and then alphabetical by last name. Thank you to every Bonner alumnus who has helped to develop this resource.

  Shannon Maynard , University of Richmond 1997

Shannon Maynard, University of Richmond 1997

  Tara Hill ,        Allegheny College    2000

Tara Hill,        Allegheny College    2000

  Debbie Deas ,    Wofford College      2002

Debbie Deas,    Wofford College      2002

  Curtis Ferguson II , Oberlin College      2005

Curtis Ferguson II, Oberlin College      2005

  Katherine Wood , Davidson College    2005

Katherine Wood, Davidson College    2005

  Mwenda Albert Kazadi , Emory & Henry College 2009

Mwenda Albert Kazadi, Emory & Henry College 2009

  Marisa Charley , Allegheny College    2010

Marisa Charley, Allegheny College    2010

  Madeline Urbish , The College of New Jersey 2012

Madeline Urbish, The College of New Jersey 2012

  Eni Aglibe ,        Oberlin College        2014

Eni Aglibe,        Oberlin College        2014

  Elvis Diaz ,              Berry College            2015

Elvis Diaz,              Berry College            2015

  Matthew Morton , Stetson University  2006

Matthew Morton, Stetson University  2006

  Michael Austerlitz , Hobart and William Smith Colleges 2010

Michael Austerlitz, Hobart and William Smith Colleges 2010

  Jessica Holcomb , Wofford College      2010

Jessica Holcomb, Wofford College      2010

  Kelsie Cox ,          Rhodes College         2013 

Kelsie Cox,          Rhodes College         2013 

  Zack Avre,               Macalester College    2014 

Zack Avre,              Macalester College    2014 

  Lauren Kinser ,          Lindsey Wilson College 2015 

Lauren Kinser,          Lindsey Wilson College 2015 

  Jose Oliva ,              Guilford College   2016 

Jose Oliva,              Guilford College   2016 

  Matt Cheney , Carson-Newman University 2008

Matt Cheney, Carson-Newman University 2008

  April Backus ,        Siena College              2010

April Backus,        Siena College              2010

  Aakash Shah ,      Ursinus College        2010

Aakash Shah,      Ursinus College        2010

  Tracie Johnson,         Ursinus College          2013

Tracie Johnson,        Ursinus College          2013

  Karina Lopez , The College of New Jersey 2014 

Karina Lopez, The College of New Jersey 2014 

  Leo Schuchert ,        Wagner College         2015 

Leo Schuchert,        Wagner College         2015 

  Taylor Brendle ,    Davidson College  2017 

Taylor Brendle,    Davidson College  2017 

  Maria De La Cruz , The College of New Jersey 2008

Maria De La Cruz, The College of New Jersey 2008

  Kelly Behrend , University of Richmond 2010

Kelly Behrend, University of Richmond 2010

  Tim Krumreig ,              Oberlin College      2012

Tim Krumreig,              Oberlin College      2012

  Michael Zirkel,       Stetson University  2013

Michael Zirkel,      Stetson University  2013

  J.C. Albrittion ,        Berry College        2015 

J.C. Albrittion,        Berry College        2015 

  Adam Stanaland ,        Davidson College    2015 

Adam Stanaland,        Davidson College    2015